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Curriculum Vita June 1st, 2017

Harmony J Satre, PsyD, Neuropsychological Assessment Specialist. Qualified Medical Evaluator


8/09 – Present Licensed Psychologist – State of California: PSY22871 2015 – Present Licensed Psychologist – State of Washington: PY60334546

9/00 – 8/07 Argosy University, Seattle, WA & Alameda, CA ▪ Doctor of Psychology

▪ Masters in Clinical Psychology 9/97 – 8/00 University of Washington, Seattle, WA

▪ Bachelor of Arts,Anthropology&Psychology(DoubleMajor)




Dr. Harmony Satre & Associates, Owner
Licensed Psychologist Providing Psychological Assessment and Therapeutic Services Oakland, CA

  • ▪  Neuropsychologicalassessmentforchildren,adolescentsandadults,includingevaluationofemotional, cognitive, academic, developmental, and neuropsychological functioning. Clarify diagnosis and determine treatment recommendations to increase level of functioning.

  • ▪  Forensicassessmentincludingparentingevaluations,caregivercompetency,custodyevaluations,bonding studies and expert witness testimony.

  • ▪  CaliforniaQualified/AgreedMedicalEvaluatorwithofficesin:Oakland,SanJose,Modesto,Sacramento, Manteca, Antioch, and Stockton.

  • ▪  Psychotherapyforchildren,familiesandcouplesdealingwithanxiety,depression,divorce,adoption,stress, parenting /family conflict, aggression and other emotional and/or behavioral issues.

  • ▪  2014–2016:Facilitationofatwice-monthlygroupcalled“transitions”whichprovidessupporttomaleto female transgendered individuals who are transitioning later in life.

    2011 – Present WillowRock Center – Contract Psychologist (Assessment Specialist)

2011 – 2016

2012 – 2013

Performpsychologicalassessmentonanas-neededbasisforadolescentswhohaveambiguousdiagnoses who have been detained on a hospitalization (5150) to determine accurate diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

Argosy University – Adjunct Professor

Incontinuationwiththecorefacultyrole(asdescribedbelow),instructioninassessmentclassestograduate level students. Classes taught include core assessment courses, including Personality Assessment and Integrative Assessment.

Argosy University – Core Faculty, Co-Director Argosy Assessment Clinic

Classestaughtincludecoreassessmentcourses,includingIntegrativeAssessmentandPersonality Assessment, as well weekly didactic training to practicum students in the assessment clinic on test administration, scoring, interpretation, data integration, report writing, feedback administration, legal and ethical issues and other assessment-relevant topics. Supervisionofpracticumandpostdoctoralstudentsandparticipationondissertationcommitteesfor graduate candidates.


▪ ▪ ▪

9/06 – 10/08

▪ ▪


▪ ▪

9/05 – 8/06

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

9/04 – 8/05

▪ ▪

▪ ▪

▪ ▪ ▪

Assessment Specialist

Westcoast Children’s Clinic, Oakland, CA Providepsychologicalassessmentforat-risk,lowincome,andculturallydiversechildren,adolescents,and families dealing with trauma, anxiety, and depression. Cases were referred through Alameda County Social Services and most children assessed were foster children with open court/custody cases. Administration,scoringandinterpretationofcognitive,projective,objective,neuropsychologyand achievement test measures.
Conduct clinic and community-based therapeutic collaborative assessments. Integrate data to prepare feedback reports, letters, and stories to child and treatment team. Facilitatetreatmentteammeetingswithsocialworkers,schoolprofessionals,co-therapists,co-assessors,and placement workers.

Registered Psychologist

Ann Martin Children’s Center, Piedmont, CA Providepsychotherapyforchildren,familiesandadolescents,usinganintegratedtreatmentapproach. Conductpsychologicalassessmentforculturally-diversefamiliesintheareasofacademic,cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning.

Registered Psychologist/Group Facilitator

Rubicon Programs, Inc, Richmond, CA Providedailygrouptherapyanddidacticgroupworkwithlow-functioningclientsintheIndividualLiving Program (ILP), which included teaching basic life skills and providing general group therapy. Providedgroupmanagement,supervisionandmediationofclientsandtreatmentplandevelopment. Facilitatedseminarswhichincludedtrainingin;dailylivingskills,basichygiene,healthandwellbeing, nutrition, coping skills, and medication management.

Coordinated between various service providers including psychiatrists, therapists, social workers and other treatment team members in order to facilitate treatment.

Psychotherapist Intern

Community Counseling and Education Center, Fremont CA Providedpsychologicalassessmentforchildrenandadultsdisplayingawidearrayofsymptomsfromtrauma and grief to schizophrenia and psychosis. Providedindividualpsychotherapytobothadultsandchildren,particularlyintheareasoftraumaand bereavement. Providedcourt-mandatedpsychologicalservicesincludingindividualtherapyandforensicassessment (caregiver competency/custody evaluations and bonding assessments). Attendedaweeklysupervisionseminarfocusedonparentalcompetencyandbondingassessments,and providing assessments for the court.

Mental Health Therapist Intern & Chemical Dependency Practitioner Intern

Seattle Mental Health, Seattle, WA Provideimmediateresponseandcrisisinterventionworkingwithlowincome,culturally-diverse,andlow- functioning clients in a day-treatment setting. Providedindividualtherapy,psychodiagnosticassessmentandchemicaldependencyassessmentwithdrug court-mandated/dual diagnosis clients.
Completedcourt-referredparentingcompetencyevaluations. Facilitatedtherapeuticsupportgroupsincludingchemicaldependencycessationandrecovery,andskills groups for clients with schizophrenia and other life-impairing mental conditions. Completedpaperworknecessaryforapplicableclientstomaintaintheirworkerscompensationordisability status. AttendedsupplementaltrainingthroughDrugCourttobetterservetheneedsofmycourt-mandatedand/or dually-diagnosed clients. AttendedsupplementaltrainingthroughSeattleCommunityCollegetoobtaincourseworkandtraining necessary to pursue a certificate as a chemical dependency practitioner.


4/99 – 8/01

▪ ▪ ▪

Social Service Provider

Professional Network, Inc. Lynwood, CA Coordinated and independently supervised court-ordered visitations between children in the foster system and their biological parent(s). Advocated for the children when necessary,including ceasing visits and taking appropriate steps if the situation threatened the child’s emotional or physical well-being. Provided individual therapeutic treatment and intervention with at-risk and sexually-aggressive youth in their home and in the community.


Bonding Studies, Custody Evaluations and Parenting Competency Assessments for the Court from a Mental Health Perspective – Presenter – Juvenile Dependency Council, Alameda County (3-hour seminar)

Bonding Studies, Custody Evaluations and Parenting Competency Assessments for the Court – Presenter – Psychological Assessment Inc. (3-hour seminar)

Forensic Psychology, A Brief Overview (Looking beyond Internship: Choosing a career specialty in clinical psychology) – First Panel Speaker – American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention, Section 10, Division 12

Insecurities that Make Us Blind (The Art of Supporting Supervisors Working with Trainees in Psychological Assessment) – Second Panel Speaker – Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) Annual Convention


Assessment as a Therapeutic Intervention – Guest Lecturer – Ann Martin
Case Conference Seminar – Monthly Case Presentation – Westcoast Children’s Clinic

Pre-Doctoral Seminars – Guest Lecturer – Westcoast Children’s Clinic
Giving Effective Feedback to Children and Caregivers – Guest Lecturer– Ann Martin Center Emotion-Focused Therapy – Seminar

5/11-Present Willow Rock Center

▪ Contractor,psychologicalassessment


Satre, Harmony J (2016). Assessing comorbid conditions in children with complex trauma: shedding light on a critical need (Chapter 3). In The changing faces of therapy: evolving perspectives in clinical practice and assessment. Edited by Ron Valle, PhD. ISBN: 978148348221


4/11-12/13 Alameda County Psychological Association

▪ Secretary,BoardofDirectors

8/10-8/11 Bay Area Collaborative Psychology Group, Inc.

▪ President and CEO,Board of Directors


2009 – Current Membership: American Psychological Association (APA) Division 40 – Clinical Neuropsychology

Division 53 – Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology 2011 – Current Membership: Alameda County Psychological Association (ACPA)

2012 – Current Membership: California Psychological Association (CPA)
2012 – Current Membership: Forensic Mental Health Association of California (FMHAC) 2015 – Current Membership: Northern California Neuropsychology Forum (NCNF)


2016 – Present – Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) – California Department of Industrial Relations 2011 – Current Certification: Disaster Mental Health – American Red Cross


05/2017 – Qualified Expert: Attachment and Bonding – Santa Clara County
03/2016 – Qualified Expert: Attachment & Bonding, and Child & Adolescent Psychology – Santa Clara Co. 11/2015 – Qualified Expert: Attachment and Bonding – Santa Clara County
05/2011 – Qualified Expert: General Attachment and Bonding – San Joaquin County


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